Take a look at what services we can offer you


> Promotional Staff
Male & Female staff for any type of event or activation

> Bar Staff
Trained barman/bar ladies for any event such as festivals, corporate events, work functions, etc.

> Models
Professional models for catalogue shoots, fashion shows and High-end events

> Hostesses
Meet and Great at any corporate event, as well as help at big events to give guests there entry

> On Con Promoters
These are promoters for all your Pub & Club promotions

> Brand Ambassadors
Handle all the in-store activation’s, these activation’s are usually to collect data base’s for
companies and to help push sales

> Distributors
Handing out fliers at main intersections to promote a company and get there name out there

> Golf Day Girls
Girls that help out with your sponsored whole to hand out business cards and to help out at the
prize giving

> Event Package
Anything from Bar staff, shooter girls, event managers, runners, photographers and much more.
Anything you need we have.

> Dancers
Dancers for any type of event.

> Exhibition Ambassadors
For any type of exhibition, we have the right promoters for you to help out at your stand and engage
with customers. They help with sales and giving knowledge to new customers about your brand

> Bachelor Bunnies
Ladies that will make any bachelor party even more eventful, they are there to make life easier for
the groom to be. The help with pouring drinks, coming up with fun games and just bringing more life to
the party.

> Hens Party Hunks
Some very good looking and well-built hunks. They help with pouring drinks, giving out shots and
helping the ladies have a night to remember.

> Hair, Make-Up & Photography
For any event where you need all 3 of the above, we have plenty.

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